How Evictions Work

The Eviction Process

The eviction process can be confusing and costly if not done properly. An eviction may cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees. You may not be able to even collect for damages. You are not able to terminate the tenancy without first suing the tenant. State laws in California set out detailed requirements to end the tenancy and they can be confusing.

You have several options when terminating a tenancy. There are several options when choosing how to terminate a month to month tenancy. Landlords are obligated to send certain notices when attempting to solve a problem.

North Coast Evictions can help by serving the proper notices and are able to guide you through the process of evicting tenants. We can help you through the entire process. The legal process of evicting a problem tenant can be confusing and attempting to do the process on your own can result in more legal troubles. Remember that failure to properly evict a tenant can result in months or even years of lost rental income.

Starting The Process

STEP 1 – 3

  1. Complete the intake form online or download and return.
  2. Submit payment online or by phone.
  3. Sign and return the prepared forms.


STEP 1 – 10

  1. Sign the prepared Notice.
  2. We serve the tenant (s).
  3. Once the notice expires, contact us to proceed with the Eviction Process.
  4. Sign the court forms we prepare.
  5. We file the forms with the court.
  6. We serve the Defendant (s).
  7. Once we serve the Defendant(s) we inform you exactly how many days they have to Respond.
  8. If the Defendant doesn’t Respond, we request for Entry of Default Judgement.
  9. If the Defendant Responds, we Request to Set for Trial.
  10. We deliver the writ to the Sheriff’s Department and schedule the lockout.

Please Allow 1-2 Business Days To Prepare And Serve Court Forms.

Eviction Notice
Includes Preparing and Serving in Humboldt County

Additional fees may apply for remote service areas (standard area of operation is within 20
miles of Eureka, California excluding Kneeland)

A basic description of The Eviction Process

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